The Kansas City Prophetical School

Prophetical School Convocation

Dear Saints,

We will not be hosting monthly gatherings during this next season. We are grateful for the times we had over the last year, for the brothers who brought teachings, and for the fellowship that we all shared. This site will continue to serve as a nexus for prophetically-minded saints, and we trust and pray that it will continue to be a blessing to the Church.

We are, however, putting before the Lord the possibility of a week-long School and Convocation, in which we would have extended seasons in the Scriptures together, hear from different teachers, break bread, and give copious time to prayer and reflection in a community setting. Join us in prayer for that time, and let us know if that would be something of interest to you.

The hour is indeed late, and the pulling together of the strands of the prophetic Scriptures is a more crucial and urgent task than ever. Let us go on to know the Lord, to better understand the Scriptural testimony, and to go out to the highways and byways as witnesses in these last days.

For the Glory of Christ and the Hope of Israel,

Bryan Purtle








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